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The play “Sebastian’s Torments” by Paul Mark Orentanius tells the story of the BDSM relationship between Yoav, the biblical military commander, and saint Sebastian.

Isolated and detached from time and place, the two establish their tight and passionate bond. Yoav gives Sebastian a secured place to stay in, and in return Sebastian surrenders to Yoav with complete obedience. But as Sebastian tests Yoav’s Jewish believes, their relationship get rougher and tighter. They are then forced to ask themselves which kind of man each one of them yearns to be?

The work raised questions about boundaries and restraint, desire and control of the urge, and queer authentic identity. It challenged the boundaries of the masculine identity and explored its boundaries, especially those that we place on ourselves by ourselves.

Playwright: Paul Mark Orentanius

Director: Yuval Zehavi

Assistant Director: Guy Israeli

Dramaturg and Producer: Kfir Lapid-Mashall

Sound Design: Mor Machlev

Lighting Design: Gili Ben-Zeev

Cinematographer: Yonatan Nevo

Cast: Uri Gov, Uri Dicker, and Ori Paniri

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