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The Most Fabulous Story by Paul Rudnick is a retelling of the major biblical stories through a queer lens. Adam and Steve, the first homosexual couple, and Jane and Mable, the first lesbian couple, embark on a journey from the creation of the world and all the way to modern day Manhattan. During their long-life journey they are faced with the questions about their believe systems. What do they truly believe in and what are the things they persistently hold on to? 

This play, which was written about 25 years ago, responds to political aspects which still exist in our society today as religious systems are being used to justify oppressive politics. As the LGBTQ community appears to be a threat to the existing order, the systems in power which are benefiting from it are holding on to conservative traditions to maintain and preserve their own power. Consequently, in the efforts to undermine the systems in power a tendency rises to become more religious about the things we believe in as we aim to dismantle the hegemony. 

Presenting this play almost three decades after it was originally produced, was an opportunity to question this tension while reflecting on the progress the queer community has made over the past decades while overcoming the AIDS epidemic. By queerifying the biblical stories, this play and its reflection on the past questions all belief systems which compose our lives. The meta-theatrical aspect of the play exposes the performative elements of religious and mythological storytelling. Illuminating the theatricality of the play become a ritual of its own - a celebratory ritual of performance and queer joy. 

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